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Athena West

Athena West

Closing Coordinator

Athena West has over five years of real estate experience and two state licenses; North Carolina and her native Florida! With experience ranging from investments and new construction in developing communities, Athena enjoys working hand in hand with home inspectors and appraisers to determine any and all actions that take place prior to closing.

- Grew up in the Sunshine state.
- Working towards an MAT degree at NC State
- Loves listening to older rock bands, BRONCHO, etc.
- Has six urbanized backyard chickens: Molly,
   Buckbeak, MilkShake, HenSolo, Bae, and Rue.
- Backpacked through Guatemala and persued the
   streets of La Habana, Cuba. Plans to take a trip to
   St. Petersburg, Russia.
- Enjoys volunteering at WakeTech to help foreigners
   learn how to speak English.